Decoration, Trompe l'oeil, Drawing and Painting

On the hills between Bologna and Florence is the home and studio of Irma Fiorentinimural artistrestorer and teacher. She hosts courses in drawing, decorationtrompe l'oeil, watercolour and oil.

Courses are aimed at individuals or couples and are offered throughout the year, scheduled to your needs. You can select any period and book accommodation by writing to Irma.


The courses are full immersion and held in the studio, with sleeping accommodation at the Bed and Art within the same building, an old country house surrounded by countryside.

The perfect holiday, learning the secrets of Italian painting and mixing art and nature.


Information and Reservations:


Basic Course - Decorative Wall Painting in Italian Style

You will paint one or more wood panels with ornamental subjects, choosing among the models available. Panel size: 45 X 60 cm.



  • Short course: 2 days (for begginers).
  • Professional course: 6 days (if you want to study more techniques and paint more subjects).

What you will study:

  • Color theory, theory of shadows, carryover of the drawing, painting techniques, history of styles.

What you will paint:

  • Cornices, friezes, grotesques in classic style.


Materials prepared.

Participation Certificate at the end of the course.


Advanced Course - Trompe l'Oeil

You will paint a landscape on canvas, choosing among the models available. Canvas size: 100 X 120 cm.



  • Short course: 4 days (you need a basic experience of painting, or you must have participated in the basic course of decorative wall painting).
  • Long course: 6 days (for more difficult subjects).

What you will study:

  • Color theory, theory of shadows, carryover of the drawing, painting techniques, perspective.

What you will paint:

  • Architectures and landscapes.


Materials prepared.

Participation Certificate at the end of the course.




All the basic techniques of drawing and painting

in a course of 160 hours in a month, divisible into 4 modules of one week


1 - Pencil and Charcoal

2 - Ink and Watercolor

3 - Acrylic

4 - Oil


Materials prepared

Participation Certificate at the end of the course




Materials and Techniques

PENCIL - hatching and nuance

CHARCOAL - hatching and nuance

INK - hatching and painting with water

WATERCOLOR - painting on dry and wet paper

ACRYLIC - covering painting and glazing

OIL - covering and materic painting, glazing



Theory of shadows

Theory of color

Material characteristics



Life drawing of still life compositions

Drawing and painting of landscapes outdoors

 Copy from past Masters of faces and human figures



Each module includes 40 hours of individual lessons or in couple

Monday through Friday, class hours: 9:00 to 18:00


 Free access to the Studio at the weekend

Free accommodation at the weekend for stays longer than a week


Cost and Accommodation

Information and Reservations:

How to get

Train or flight: you can get to Bologna by train or by plane. I can come pick you up at the railway station or airport.

Car: If you arrive by car, take the A1 motorway  Bologna-Florence. Take the Rioveggio exit after Bologna and follow signs for Monzuno. You will arrive in the centre of the village travelling downhill along a narrow road. In front of you is a bank. Turn left. At the gas station turn left into Via Capezzale. The first stone  building on your left is my home. You have arrived.

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Information and Reservations

Contact  Irma Fiorentini:

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